You’ve Finally Been Framed

Maps & Pictures
So I finally got around to framing some prints I’ve had kicking around for a while. I guess having lots of spare time at the moment has enabled me to catch up on some missed jobs around the apartment. And well, to be perfectly honest, qualifying for the Styrian Grand Prix was delayed because of the weather.

The smaller frame on the right is great image of Porto di Catania taken sometime in the 19th century, gifted to me by a Catanian a couple of years ago. It shows the old port with a couple of fisherman returning with a catch with the ever-dominating Mount Etna in the background.

And a couple of historic map prints, again gifted to me, this time by a now ex-girlfriend back in 2003, if my memory serves correct. I seem to remember her buying them in a quaint little bookshop in Firenze. I love a good map and can happily lose a few hours pouring over their details.

Now, where to hang them…