The Personal Musings Of Oliver White

How is it that some people are just terminally rude? For some, it would seem, no amount of kind words, generosity or offer of help is enough to get a reciprocal smile or a courteous amount of honesty in return. Instead, you just get a…

Living & Learning My Way To Wisdom

We read that we ought to forgive our enemies; but we do not read that we ought to forgive our friends. Sir Francis Bacon

That first Easter must have been awkward, because you know the apostles had already divided up Jesus’ stuff. William Ader

Easter says you can put truth in a grave, but it won’t stay there. Clarence W. Hall

By convention sweet is sweet, bitter is bitter, hot is hot, cold is cold, colour is colour; but in truth there are only atoms and the void. Democritus

Hear no evil, speak no evil, and you won’t be invited to cocktail parties. Oscar Wilde

Electricity is actually made up of extremely tiny particles called electrons, that you cannot see with the naked eye unless you have been drinking. Dave Barry