The Personal Musings Of Oliver White

For there was never yet philosopher, that could endure the tooth-ache patiently. William Shakespeare

Daniel Ricciardo

With 140 starts and 7 victories to his name, Daniel Ricciardo should be enjoying the golden years of his career at the pinnacle of motorsport, Formula One. By now, at the age of 29, you would expect Ricciardo to be seriously challenging for titles, going…

Will Daniel Ricciardo Ever Be Champion?

There are four things that hold back human progress – ignorance, stupidity, committees and accountants. Sir Charles Lyell

ISS (from Endeavour)

Being a geographer – sometimes environmental, sometimes marine, always human and often cosmological – looking at photographs from above provides incredible insight that can keep me captivated for hours. Of course – and with the sole exception of our Moon and the planet Mars –…

Looking At The Third Rock From 408km Up

E pur si muove. Galileo Galilei

The greatest enemy of knowledge is not ignorance, it is the illusion of knowledge. Stephen Hawking