Ollie, What?

iam.ollief1.com is the personal online home of Oliver White – a place to share, muse and capture life’s pleasures, memories and oddities. Oliver has maintained a personal website since 2005, taking on many different guises over the years.

iam.ollief1.com will not be updated with any regularity or pattern. Instead, Ollie will post when he feels he can, as and when something ignites the neurons and causes the fingers to type.

Ollie, Who?

Ollie is an ‘80s born Formula One fan who, when not blogging about the sport at OllieF1 (snapshots), is often found at the beach or in a cafe. Ollie loves to travel and has a special place for Italy in his heart. If all else fails, Ollie doesn’t mind a game of volleyball or a paddle up a river in a kayak.

Away from work, sleeping, Formula One blogging and coffee-drinking, Ollie is probably drooling over the latest supercar, listening to Miles Davis and looking longingly at his own trumpet, or even watching a film while sipping a glass of a Chianti. If Ollie had his choice, he would live in the middle of the Tuscan countryside with no TV, no radio, no mobile and no hassles. He would though, have a broadband connection, his MacBook Pro, a few books and his trusty espresso maker.

Ollie, Where?

Ollie has registered himself on a variety of social media platforms, many of them no longer present on the Internet. Over the years Ollie’s interest in these social machines waned and now it is a rare sight to see an update, even on the Facebook and Twitter behemoths.

Ollie still maintains a couple of websites though, and although no longer active, they are kept online for the sake of records and nostalgia.

  • OllieF1 – Ollie’s (ir)regularly updated blog centred around Formula One.
  • AerialF1 – A project Ollie started a few years back on OllieF1 and has since migrated it to a dedicated domain.

Ollie, Was?

Places on the web that Ollie registered and used for a while, but doesn’t anymore.

  • Facebook – Ollie’s Facebook profile.
  • Twitter – 140-character bursts of what is on Ollie’s mind.
  • Flickr – Ollie’s photos, including many embarrassing ones of himself.
  • LastFM – What Ollie listens to when he is toiling away in front of the monitor.
  • Del.icio.us – Ollie’s [selfless] bookmarked links and interesting finds from around the web.
  • StumbleUpon – Another load of Ollie’s [selfish] bookmarks.
  • Digg – A sort of bookmarking site, but it is too competitive and self-centered for Ollie.
  • Reddit – Better than Digg, but Ollie soon lost interest.
  • Jaiku – An sort of lifestream for Ollie. It updates automatically, but Ollie rarely logs in.
  • Plurk – A Twitter/Pownce clone, but again, it isn’t setting Ollie’s neurons on fire just yet.

Ollie, White?

This is me, these are my thoughts and this is my blog.