Me, Myself & I… Five Years Later

Me, Myself & I
Many, many years ago, I used to post self-portraits to Flickr. I think the original idea was because I never used to like seeing myself in pictures. I am quite introverted and while I don’t think I have a low self-esteem, seeing myself never made me particularly comfortable. I had hoped that pushing myself outside of my comfort zone would help, and by-and-large, I think it did.

Anyway… fast forward a few years and my Flickr credentials have long expired. I can no longer log-in due to expired email addresses and unhelpful Yahoo people, or whoever owns Flickr these days. But for fun, I took a picture of myself today, using the same computer that took most of the originals I uploaded.

The most recent photo I uploaded to Flickr was in late-2010.

Boy have I aged!