Crushing Twists Of Agony

Running around my mind, never stopping or even pausing. Forever there, in front of my eyes, beautiful and beaming, vibrant and enthused. Your smile lights my day, your laugh lifts the room. I lose hours looking into your eyes, melting into your smile, dreaming about your lips and finding excuses to be close to you.

You caught me by surprise. I wasn’t looking, I wasn’t even thinking. The shared laughter, the common ideals, the beauty of your freckles and your intelligence of thought. To have such zeal and zest for life. All of you enraptured all of me, you swept me up and spun me around.

To be ecstatically happy and mortally wounded, of all emotions at the same time. To know I have found you, but to have also found confusion and anguish. The puzzle fits, it all makes sense, but the twist is crushing, your feelings unshared.

I can only hope, admire and dream. The torture of love, the agony of life. The joy of friendship, the elation of discovery.