To The Never Forgottens: Merry Christmas

Christmas Bauble
To those whom I don’t get to physically see, to actually say Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to, I’m thinking of you.

Ciocia Aldona and all the people who bless me by considering me a part of them even though I no longer am (and I could probably shout this and you’d hear me), Merry Christmas.

Pani Ela and Tomek, always in my heart, always in my thoughts. Tomek, even if it doesn’t need it, go downstairs and lob another lump of coal into the burner, just for me. From a mild Southampton to a freezing Rzeszow, Wesołych Świąt.

Gosia, Mario and Sara (and the menagerie of animals), likewise, always in my heart and in my mind. Wesołych Świąt and Buon Natale to all.

Gman. Dude, you always used to send me a Christmas card but never put your own address on it. I’ve always been too embarrassed to say I don’t have your details. But I’m never embarrassed to say I wish you a Merry Christmas.

Mary and Rick, who always come to my mind at this time of year. Mary, you were and are an important person in my life. And I wish you and your family – whichever part of the world you are in – a very Merry Christmas.

Lisa in New Zealand. If you ever read this… I still have your letters, ahh ye’ah. Sorry, I have no other way of typing leeetuce. I found them recently and felt nostalgic, remembering old times and all that, fun times and giggles. Merry Christmas, ya flamin’ gallah. I know, I know.

Ben, don’t be selfish, share the scotch.
I had to say this, just for comedic affect if nothing else.

And finally to a friend who has been good to me this year. We hoped to grab a coffee today (24th) but didn’t quite get around to it, I know you are with family and it is totally cool. You’re a cool dude and we have to meet up after 25th so I can give you your present. Merry Christmas.

I always say bah humbug and generally come across as a bit of a grinch at this time of year. I often say:

Christmas starts on the 24th and ends on the 26th.

And although I am a bit of a curmudgeon sometimes, I do appreciate and enjoy thinking of others. And if that day is today, then I guess that day is today.

Merry Christmas.