Thinking Out Loud…

Peroni Red
…On a Sunday night after a few Peroni’s and a few Jack’s. This’ll be interesting! (I promise to only correct spelling…)

So I’ve been meaning to type up my “On Being Social” and “On Being a Loner” posts, but alas, as of yet, they are still no more but pencil etchings in my notepad. Instead I have been typing up a few short posts for BlogF1 for when I’m away on holiday next month. Nothing big, in fact, refreshingly short for regular readers.

And then today, Ryan became the first commenter on one of my Flickr pics. Well, not really a picture of sorts, but more of a screenshot. In fact, 100% screenshot if we’re being totally honest with each other. I’ve taken a fair few screenshots recently, more for historical purposes than anything else. I’ve decided I really like the look of some websites in their entirety. Of course, you and I don’t get to see them live in that state, and even if you did own a 30″ screen I think you’d be hard pressed sometimes. So anyway, BF1 was called sexy for the first time by someone other than myself, which caused a momentary blush. (Shame it ain’t that way on IE, but whatever.)

And that got me thinking. I have been relatively social recently, on the webternet, that is. Real life? Pah! But on the web, quite social. Twitter, Pownce,, my.9r, Flickr…
…And I realised that a lot of ‘friends’ don’t really know what I look like or what I sound like. Well, the visuals are taken care of by a few photos on Flickr (look at your own risk), and then I got thinking about recording something. I really enjoyed hearing Glenn Wolsey recently on his videos (I love the laid back NZ accent), and also James Mathias on his regular video diary (don’t be afraid, he’s really not as scary as he sometimes looks). They all mean nothing to you, no doubt, but to me they were interesting. From that I figured that actually projecting my voice, appearance and tone to people would go along way into helping people understand just who the hell I am.

Maybe something for the future. I’m currently working on trying to make my life easier at BF1 with the appalling circuit pages that need fixing, and after an evening spent under maps and searching the net, I’ve decided that the webnetspace really needs a decent guide to Italy. Seriously, I resorted to the printed edition of my 2005 Rough Guide. I said it was a goal of 2007 to get Italian Travels up and running, and I really want to, but maybe it’s a final ‘07 quarter/early ‘08 quarter thing. There’s a lot of typing involved. Apparently, 14 months worth so far! [/sniggers]

And then Mr White took another sip of his drink, lit a cigarette and asked the cute waitress to top his glass up. “I’ll just correct the spelling, swear at Firefox’s insistence on American spelling, hit publish and call it a night. Crap, add links, then call it a night,” he thought out loud. “After listening to the Peroni music a few more times, that is…”

‘Night ‘night.