There’s Too Much Blood In My Caffiene System

Coke Zero
It is far too early to be up, but I cannot sleep. Instead, I am going to do something productive. I just haven’t figured that out yet. I could do some work while at home. I could go into work and do some work. I could put the espresso pot on the hob. Ah, hold on to your horses, I’m getting warmer. Coffee will help me think clearer. Yes. I’ll have a coffee, and then I’ll think of something productive to do.

This makes no sense. But it does partly explain how the addiction to caffeine can begin. At least it’s coffee though, and not Coke. By the way, has anyone tried that Coke Zero yet. I think it is a Pepsi Max equivalent? Although I do feel Pepsi have the right name: Max vs. Zero – hmmm, which one am I going to go for!? Do I want to be “At the Max”, or “Completely Zero”?

Ssh now. Coffee.