Sun Blessed Drivers

Dodge Charger
I see the hot weather (in the south, anyhow) has brought out the best in drivers. On my way to Portsmouth this lunchtime, and huge articulated (and bright red) Royal Mail lorry almost crushed a Nissan Micra because the Micra driver was being impatient and wouldn’t give way. In the process I discovered the ABS on my car works.

And while driving around the Land Registry building in Pompey, a Vauxhall Tigra driver decided to invent a middle lane and drive up it in an attempt to skip some traffic. Of course, all the drivers in the left wouldn’t let her in (and it was a her, but it could easily have been a him before people rant) despite the realisation of the error and the vain attempts to indicate left and squeeze her car over. She’s probably still there trying to get out of the middle of the two lanes…

Oh, and a BMW Z4 knobhead attempted to cut me up because he was in the wrong lane and thought it was his right to simply change lanes without indicating or checking his mirrors (and it was a him, but it could easily have been a her before people rant). Can’t you read road signs Mr. Z4? They’re big and bright and give you warning as to which lane goes where. I stuck my nose where it wasn’t wanted and he soon got the message.

Must be the hot weather that makes everyone go nuts, I noticed it last year as well. I just wish everyone would calm down.