Out Of The Blue She Came And Went

Tree Heart
She came to me from out of the blue, her heart in her hand and butterflies in her stomach. With the brave words she spoke, my soul was captured, forever to be entwined with hers. The eye contact, the graceful strokes, the small smiles; they all made sense in one fell swoop. The moment I knew, it was already too late. Love had filled my body and consumed the fear I previously held so close. My barriers had been broken and my beliefs were changed. She managed to alter my reason for being, the very nature of everything I allowed my life to be ruled by. I had giving up my heart and changed my way. I had allowed myself to trust someone. To so implicitly trust someone, without question or hesitation, for as long as I could foresee my life.

Six years later and out of the blue, she had gone. With little trace of emotion, I was left on the sofa, my head in my hands and cheeks wet from my tears. I was in shock. I remained in my comatosed condition for a week. The feeling of fullness, completeness and warmth had left. My body felt empty, cold and barren. I struggled to work it out, I struggled with even the simplest of tasks. Life, it seemed, had stopped. Someone had pressed the slow-motion button and as I moved around my world, everything became a blur. Everything was irrelevant and inconsequential. The pain was intense; it burned. But slowly, with each passing hour, with each passing utterance of a few words and with each passing moment of thoughtful gaze, the anguish waned. I began to get better.

The beautiful moments we shared along the winding path will remain with me. The long mornings and eternal evenings. The adventures and the discoveries. The laughs and the giggles. Moments like these, no matter how sad one may feel, never leave. No matter how far away the memory may be, the mind will always recall on occasion. And as life moves incessantly forward, never stopping for even the briefest of moments, we learn to move forward with it.