Morning Glory

Morning Mist
Fact One: Morning mist makes everything look beautiful.
I would love to enjoy scenes such as this from a veranda to the rear of my property overlooking a meadow with the wildlife waking for another day while I quietly enjoy coffee and toast. But living in a city prevents this, so I’ll make do with early risers starting their daily commute into work, cursing the fact that it is Monday as they go.

Fact Two: Seeing it so early because you couldn’t sleep during the night sucks.
I wish I could get a decent nights sleep. It started so well last night. I went to bed at 11.20pm. I think I nodded off quite quickly, but I awoke at 2.20am. I felt like I had slept well for three hours, and couldn’t figure out how or why I woke up. I got myself a glass of water and jotted down a couple of thoughts on a bit of paper. I returned to bed to find that I couldn’t get back to sleep. I gave up trying/not trying at 5.45am.

Fact Three: BBC Breakfast news isn’t the same without Natasha Kaplinsky.
One thing I used to love about waking up early was Breakfast news. It wasn’t just because of the good-looking (although slightly older, ahem) news-reader, but also because of the casual and relatively informal way the news was presented to me. When I’m half asleep still, I don’t want in-yer-face and cold-hard-facts news. I want to be gently goaded into what is happening around the world whilst still wrapped up in my duvet. BBC Breakfast news is still relatively easy-going, but Kaplinsky’s replacement just isn’t the same.