Holier Than Amazon

Origin Of Species
*This is an archived article from my former website*

Just out of interest, and while I was browsing, I searched Amazon.co.uk for The Holy Bible. Sure enough, it popped up in 3 versions: Traditional, King James and the Good News.

I was quite surprised to the see a price of £4.90 – I had heard stories of prices reaching far beyond that!

Now – often with Amazon – they will publish a little about the author/s to give a bit of a background. Funnily enough, Amazon neglected this when they typed up their prose on this particular book!

What struck me the most was one particular review left by Kevin from London.

See for yourself!

Quite different views from those left at Amazon.com!

To address a balance, Amazon also sell Darwin’s Origin Of Species (and its cheaper than the bible!), and a particular favourite of mine, Steve Jones’ Almost Like A Whale.