Be Careful What You Wish For

To all those who voted to leave the European Union, to the 52% who felt the UK would be ultimately better off segregated from Europe…

[Tuesday’s result]

…this is what you voted for. This is what you asked for. I sincerely hope you are satisfied. I sincerely hope that 52% of the country are happy.

Because if 52% of you are not happy, then just fuck off out of Europe yourself.

[I paused here for a couple hours because I want to write more, I have done since the referendum, but it always came out in incoherent and unstructured ways.]

There are very good arguments for Britain to leave the EU. In and among the bullshit layered upon bullshit, there are some very well thought-out and intelligent responses to the question:

Should the United Kingdom remain a member of the European Union or leave the European Union?

And the answer isn’t so simple that it can be written on the side of a bus.

But – in my opinion – one thing rises above all: It is always better to work together as a collective towards a common goal than to isolate and segregate oneself.

Civilisation has always (ultimately) prospered when it integrates, compromises and gets along, than when it segregates, isolates and wars against.

This isn’t about being a member of Europe. This isn’t about being a member of the cool gang. This is about figuring out a way that one nation can work with another nation for the good of both. Multiply it out, scale it up, do the math and every now and then, shake a hand and give a pat on the back.

But ultimately, whatever happens on Tuesday, this was your wish.

Compromise. Cooperate. Congratulate.