The ‘Post-Fireworks, What’s Next?’ Episode

Shot Glass
Si: Man, we should paddle out and do the fireworks thing again.
Ollie: Really? After last time? The damage, my life!
Si: What!? It was fun.
Ollie: Until we almost died, yes, it was fun.

[It was fun actually, a shitload of fun, but I was young then, not now.]

Hei: What if we just paddled out with a few glasses and a bottle of something?
Ollie: Sounds alright to me. Sounds safer anyway. Well, safer than gunpowder.
Si: I’m down with that.


A couple hundred yards out from Boscombe shoreline, on New Years Eve, around 11.30pm.

Hei: I have, on my person, the finest of finest of Finnish vodka.
Ollie: I have, on my person, the finest of finest of British wit, intellect and conversation. That was all I was asked to bring. And a shot glass. Don’t ask, I just imagine that…
Si: I thought Ollie was in charge of the glasses.


Hei: Bottle for me, glass for Ollie, cap for Dickwad. Friends, vodka and fucking freezing water. Happy new year guys.
Ollie: Happy new year.
Dickwad: Happy new year, bottoms up.

Happy New Year.