The Anti-Sun

As I look up at the crisp and still evening, the cold air causing my breath to linger in front of my face, pausing before slowing trailing away, I’m reminded that Winter is upon us. The grass crunches under foot with its frozen coating, the mist doing little to protect me from the elements that descend over night and wrap everything in a bitter chill.

The clear and uninterrupted skies allow the moon to shine at its most powerful, lighting the atmosphere and comforting the eternal darkness. Behaving like the suns younger sibling, the light is soft in comparison, but equally as intense and hypnotic. With a never-ending view in to the dotted abyss, thoughts become overwhelming as the imagination takes control and allows you to get lost in a meandering wave of semi-conscious dreams.

However, the drama of the heavens intensifies when the wind carries the clouds over, causing a spectacular lighting effect to dance across the sky. Much like a lightning storm on pause, moving ahead one frame at a time. The back-lit gentleness of the suspended precipitation reflects the light around, continuously moving while creating wondrous beauty with its travels.

As the moon peeps out from behind the blanket cover, piercing through the clouds, one is reminded of waking up in the morning. Peering out from under the cover, trying to assess the time of day from looking at the brightness penetrating the curtains, deciding to remain within the comfort of the duvets snugness. The clouds mirror the land they protect, the brightness highlighting every crevice and crook, marking out the rivers and tributaries that line the inversed land. The silhouetted tree acting like the veins that feed the air with vital oxygen, maintaining life and continuing the wonder of our presence.

The chill of the air the only thing to make me move back inside and end my thoughts of the winter night time, deferring instead to the warmth of the home.