Some More Of My Most Favourite Films… Ever

Almost ten years ago, I posted a list of films that captured me, stuck in my mind, made me think or that were able to transport me away for a couple of hours.

A decade has passed since then, so it is about time for an update.

500 Days Of Summer It isn’t often I watch a romcom, but there is something about this film that makes me smile and weep in all the right moments. Quirky, disjointed, but interesting and pleasing as well.
A History Of Violence Middle-class small-town do-gooder husband, father and cafe owner finds his past catching up with him.
Amelie A quirky and humorous look at a young French woman amusing herself while all the time trying to get people together or simply to make their day more enjoyable. It’s uplifting, it’s different.
Atonement Love, grief, jealousy, lust and lies. And of course, atonement. The film carries the viewer through many emotions and stands out among most others.
Batman Begins For me, the best Batman film of all and the start of the Nolan trilogy. Aside from the silly voice, the darkness of Batman is captured well from start to finish.
Boy In The Striped Pyjamas, The The holocaust, from the innocent viewpoint of children. Beautiful, tragic and ultimately and horrendously sad.
Castaway Tom Hanks and a volleyball named Wilson. For two hours. It shouldn’t work, but it does. The symbolism at the end that ties the film together is a joy to watch.
Ex Machina An interesting story that has captured film and TV producers for a while now, Ex Machina is probably the best of the bunch. And, well, Alicia Vikander.
Founder, The Michael Keaton takes the role of Ray Kroc, the guy who took McDonalds from a family-run burger bar to an international multi-billion dollar empire. The tennis court scene is true.
Hancock Will Smith as an alcoholic deadbeat superhero. This has laughs all the way through with an interesting twist to the plot.
Hanna A striking story so beautifully delivered by Saoirse Ronan. She comes across as somewhat of a minimalist actor, but Ronan misses nothing in her performance.
Holiday, The Every list has to have some cheese, this is it. It’s a warming, festive, chuckle-along story between Cameron Diaz, Kate Winslet and their crushes and families.
Identity An interesting take on the thriller/whodunnit genre, perhaps a little too gory, but ultimately a good watch. It’s hard to say much else without revealing the twist.
In Bruges A dark comedy set in a chilly Bruges in winter. The hapless hitmen duo of Farrell and Gleeson have great onscreen chemistry.
Law Abiding Citizen A great thriller exposing the issues within the American justice system, the lawyers and their deals.
Let The Right One In A Swedish take on vampires, this one centred around a child with a thirst for blood, but also a longing for friendship.
Mad Max: Fury Road Not being a fan of the Mad Max series, it was a surprise to catch myself watching the latest instalment. This one however delivers. Theron leads a great story through the post-apocalyptic world, looking for safety, fuel and salvation.
Martian, The It isn’t often I get caught up in a Matt Damon film, the first Bourne film and Good Will Hunting are about it. But this picture is surprisingly good. Castaway-esque.
Now You See Me It has an Ocean’s Eleven feel to it, but for a new audience. Comedic and clever at just the right moments. It is fast paced and full of sass.
Pan’s Labyrinth Like most of Guillermo del Toro films, this movie is beautifully shot from start to finish. It’s a surreal picture, but well worth a watch.
Prestige, The An awesome plot, well made by Christopher Nolan (pre-Batman) and well played by messrs Bale and Jackman. This film draws me in and makes me forget just how long it actually is.
Rush Nudging into my all-time top-ten and for obvious reasons, Rush tells the story of James Hunt and Niki Lauda, their early rivalry in junior formulae through to their epic showdown in Formula One during the 1976 season.
Soloist, The A story of how life can seem so inspiring and promising, only to be turned completely on its head by illness. But the strength and value of others is all you need to get it back, assuming of course, you have the mental capability to get it back.
Split Shyamalan at his best and McAvoy in a dress and with an evil grin, it’s great. And if you know the story, the final scene grabs your attention.
Sunshine Give me a spaceship, a dangerous mission and something weird happening and I’m there. A standout film from Danny Boyle.
Terminal So good I wrote about it immediately after watching. Dark, gritty, and Mike Myers in a serious role. Yeah, baby!
Village, The One of Shyamalan’s films that often gets overlooked. And as always with with this director, an ending with a twist.
Wanted Ridiculous, silly, but nicely made. A switch off and enjoy type film. Refreshingly different and more quirky than the usual DC/Marvel superhero offering.
What Happened To Monday In a world where over-population means a one-child limit is enforced, what happens when you have identical septuplets?
Whiplash It’s unusual for a soundtrack to outclass the film it is accompanying, but this is exactly what happened here.

Image: Saoirse Ronan from “Hanna”.