Shiny Happy People

Birthday Candles

My staff are so nice. I woke up this morning to a bright and sunny 8am, knowing I had the day (mostly) to myself. It was – purely by coincidence – a day off, although I did have to pop in to work briefly to check some things; a thirty-minute visit at the most. All morning while ablutioning myself my phone was pinging and buzzing, messages of well-wishes draining my battery faster than the sun disappearing behind threatening clouds. Mostly non-work friends and acquaintances using Facebook to wish me a day of happiness, but also text messages – something that seems a little more personal, even though I know the only way some people know of my birthday is via Zuckerberg’s monster. Nevertheless, wonderful messages, joyously received.

Once at work though, I had to show a member of staff a work-related message on my phone, which happened to immediately follow a “Happy Birthday”. The cat was out of the bag for those who had been working and (amazingly) not glued to their phones. They made me feel happy, they made me smile, which is something I hadn’t bargained on given my annus horribilis thus far.

A bunch of shiny happy people, me thinks.