Not Of Squandered Friendship

Air Mail
Sometimes I think I am too lucky. Sometimes I think I don’t deserve the kindness that others bring to me. Sometimes I wonder if I do enough to thank others for the generosity they show me, the times they are there for me and for the times they think of me.

Well, this is me saying that I am often thinking of you and even though some of you are physically thousands of miles away, you are actually sitting opposite me smiling and laughing away.

I don’t always manage to talk regularly to those who I cherish as friends. I don’t always manage to write to those who share a place in my heart. But I always manage to keep a little time each day aside to think of you and wonder where you are and what you are doing.

Sometimes I wish I could be with you. Sometimes I wish I could share more times with you. But sometimes I wonder if our friendship could be stronger. Then I realise that it couldn’t. Friendship is forever. Friendship cannot be replaced. Friendship cannot be squandered, or tarnished. Friendship is the most important thing to me.

With all my love,