Never Decline [Polish] Placek Ziemniaczany Po Wegiersku

As eaten at Shire Restaurant in Southampton.

They don’t appear to have a website, but it is a really nice little Polish restuarant at the city centre end of Bevois Valley Road, close to the Jury’s Inn roundabout. It was called something else a while back but I believe the management have remained; they’ve just redecorated, renamed and rebranded.

It is cosy, friendly and welcoming, even for non-Polish like myself. Honestly, just go in, say hi, and sit yourself down. You’ll be made welcome and treated well.

Placek Ziemniaczany po Wegiersku: Polish Potato Pancakes Hungarian Style. Potato pancakes in a pork stew with a dark sauce.

I know, potato pancake, what the..? The closest thing we have is a hash brown. But no, no, no, not even close to similar – placek ziemniaczany are much tastier. Just try one, please. They are delicious, hearty and wonderful.

Tag: Gulasz