Music Blamed For The Delayed 8:15am To Tewkesbury

So I finally got around to organising my CD collection again. They had been packed up in boxes for a good three months, not seeing the light of day until now.

Then it struck me, like a hammer to the back of my head. My previous system of organising them was so complicated, I couldn’t remember how to put them back they way they should be. My face went white and I had to sit down for a while.

I looked at some old photos to see if I could make out the order, but it was too hard to see. I tried putting them on the shelves to see if my memory was jogged, but alas it wasn’t.

So now they are in a new order. And an order that only I understand. It is important to do this otherwise the girlfriend will easily find music and listen to it. Once listened, she will just leave the CD lying around, or worse still, put it back in the wrong place. If she cannot find the music in the first place, then all is safe.

There is a quote somewhere in the film High Fidelity that discusses the order of CDs on ones shelf, but I cannot find it at the moment. If I do, I will post it, but Claire thinks it has something to with being selfish and not sharing. I – on the other hand – believe it has everything to with keeping order in the universe. Without order, there would be chaos. And then there would be no chance of the trains running on time!