Love & Money vs. Tape & Oil

Some people say that love keeps the world together, and money keeps it going.

I say duct tape keeps the world together and WD40 keeps it going!

Love: Love certainly brings and keeps people together. It provides us with warmth and security. It gives you a sense of inner peace and contentment. Without love, life would be meaningless and empty. There would be little real happiness and motivation in this world. It would be a dark and barren place with no passion or desire.

Money: Does it really keep the world going? Well in a way I suppose it does. But I don’t think it is the be-all and end-all of everything. If money didn’t exist (on a global scale) then it wouldn’t matter simply because we would have no value on products. If there was no money, we would either still be producing wonderful things and living very well, or these things wouldn’t exist and we would simply survive. The world would certainly not stop spinning because of a lack of concept.

Duct Tape: Think about all the times you have repaired something with duct tape. That rusty hole in your car, that mop handle, that loose cable?
Without this ingenious product, the world would quite literally fall apart. Ships would sink, houses would be draughty and kidnappers would have to use an old piece of cloth to gag you – which isn’t very hygienic!

WD40: The wonder-spray! Without WD40 things would simply grind to a halt. Any moving part would eventually say “no more” and tear itself to shreds. Doors would squeak and relationships would break down because she found lipstick on your collar. It would be nothing short of Armageddon.