Lost In Translation

Grass Sign
I’ve travelled to many countries, and I have often marvelled at the many errors in translating signs and notices. One funny warning sign Claire and I saw last year was an Italian notice that warned us of “Cutting Dogs and Horses”. We soon realised that the Italian for “Cut” and “Bite” were similar. But the thought of a dog pinning someone against a wall with a knife and saying in a Grant Mitchell voice, “I’ll cut yer” was amusing.

So on that note, this site is having fun with translations. They translate whatever you want into five different languages, each time returning to English before moving on. The final result is quite amusing. “The White Blog” became “Blog The White Man”, “Merry Christmas” became “Happy Loaded They” and “Beware! Biting Dogs!” became…

…I have to type this out in full as it is quite amusing.

English: Beware! Biting Dogs!
French then English: Take guard! Sharp-edged dogs.
German then English: Taking protection! Sharp edged dogs.
Italian then English: Taken of the protection! Dogs border to you cutting. (Note the introduction of ‘cutting’!)
Portuguese then English: Made examination of the protection! The dogs limit the cut to it.
Spanish then English: Examinacion done of the protection! The dogs limit the cut him.