It’s Not Just Kissing We’re Good At

Chet Baker
I was reminded of an old joke recently, it goes something like this…

Three university girls had heard that brass players are better kissers because of their lip control, embouchure and stamina. So each one arranged a date with a different brass player to test the theory. They gathered in their dormitory afterwards to compare notes.

The first one dated a trumpet player. “So, how did he kiss?” her friends asked.

“Not so great. His lips were like wood and he held the back of my head and pressed in way too hard.”

The second one dated a tuba player. “It was gross. All that saliva, and so blubbery and loose! Also, his cheeks bulged.”

The third one was asked how her date with the french horn player kissed. “His kissing was fine, but what I really liked was how he held me!”

Image: Chet Baker