Funnies On The Telly

Let me start by saying that this post may contain some rude words. I apologise in advance for this, but I’ve downed a few glasses, seen something I didn’t like, thought of something to say, and will probably speak my mind. For those who don’t know me, my inner-mind can be quite filthy! (But only “in my mind”, thanks Eddie!)

Ricky Gervais. He’s a very funny guy. I really enjoyed Animals and Politics, his two major stand-up acts that have been committed to DVD. I particularly enjoy his rant on religion – the guy is very funny and I will never forget him holding up a Bible and saying, “It’s a long read, but I’ll start at the beginning. [Security, ] lock the doors…”. But I just don’t get Extras. And honestly, despite the show winning awards left, right and centre, I didn’t really get The Office either. I find these shows bland and boring. I also think that both situations could be very funny. A weird office manager and a film set extra – both have potential to be hilarious. But Gervais’ portrayal? It just didn’t suit my taste. I really think he should stay in stand-up. Intelligent humour, great examples and well presented.

So that brings me to Jack Dee. My ‘100 Things’ on the About Me page says, “Jack Dee and Eddie Izzard always make me laugh.” (Point 35, for those who couldn’t be arsed). I would like to take that back. Jack Dee’s attempt at cashing in the Gervais ‘fame’ by doing a sit-com thing just wound me up. I didn’t find it funny. It wasn’t clever, and it is a blatant copy of Gervais – a kind of real-life-but-not kind of drama. It was shit.

There, I said it. Jack has a dry and cynical approach to humour. I find I can really relate to it. When he does stand-up, even stand-up-made-for-TV, I laugh out loud and wet myself. I find him genuinely funny. But as a sit-com actor/writer? Nah, it didn’t work. His offering – entitled Lead Balloon – was utter crap. Now if Rich Hall was the American agent, then it may have been laughable. But as it stands, I cannot watch it.

Go back to stand-up – you’re way funnier! On another comedy note, I just watched Ed Byrne’s DVD attempt, and I loved it. If anything, just for the final line when he recaps on a previous gag about (lack of) smoking in Ireland, and the fact that he can (and does) smoke on (a Scottish) stage. (Mental note: Ollie, make more use of brackets…) He leaves at the end of the act, and returns quite quickly. With the audience expecting an encore, he simply says, “I’ve only come back because there is no smoking back stage.”

And thus ends Ollie’s lesson in comedy. Take care and goodnight.