For The Record: December 2009


  • The year has gone way too quickly.
  • I have no regrets about doing what I did on the 11th.
  • A dildo and an inflatable ‘toy’ woman! Seriously, that’s what you bought each other for Christmas!? Is now a good time to suggest siblings should share and share-alike?
  • Ethel did it.
  • I still cannot believe how open I was in that comment.
  • Twiglets rule.
  • 99.8% of TV is shit. This rises to 99.9% in December.
  • We tessellate the isosceles cheese in my neck of the woods.
  • I don’t really want to kiss Giancarlo Fisichella or Fernando Alonso.
  • ALO is not Ola in reverse.
  • The redesign of BlogF1 really is close to being put up. In fact it was live for about 5 minutes last week.
  • When I said “you wanna spend New Year’s Eve with me” it wasn’t actually meant as an invitation, more a statement of shock.
  • I’m more than happy to share New Year’s Eve with someone.
  • I now own two scarves. But still only one neck.