Feeder + Brahma = A Good Evening

Brahma Beer
Something new that almost slipped me by without notice this week was a ‘new’ release from Feeder – a band I much admire and enjoy. They have released a Singles collection which contains (obviously) all their popular and liked singles from over the years. And while listening to some of the songs, I realise just how long Feeder have been going for.

Formed in 1992 by Grant Nicholas and Jon Lee in South Wales, they didn’t sign to a record label until 1995 after Taka Hirose joined as the bassist and the group caught the attention of Echo Records. In 1996 the band released a mini-album called Swim and have since become a staple at festivals and concert halls up and down the country.

1996! I can remember buying Swim from Woolworths on Surbiton High Street. That’s 10 years ago! Where does time go?

And another new thing: Brahma – an imported beer from Brazil. Now I must admit I only bought this because Spar had a deal. I’ve noticed that Tesco and other multi-national Supermarket chains have been pushing this alcoholic beverage for a while now, and I managed to resist until after a long week at work, I popped over the road to the convenience store only to be given the choice of Stella, some very perculiar looking Polish beer, Grolsch or this new fandangled Brahma. Spar are currently selling them at 6 bottles for £4. And (for all the alcoholics out there), the bottles are 355ml, not the standard 330ml.

I guess the best thing to say about Brahma is the sex appeal. Imagine a Coke bottle – the curvy shape that resembles the perfect woman – and take all the labels off.

So it’s naked then?

Well, almost. The bottle does have one paper label on the neck.

So that would be the dog collar?

Erm, okay. The bottle has the brand logo embossed on the front and back (tattoos, I suppose) and the grooviest thing ever: It isn’t completely circular. It is round at the bottom and the top, but the middle is oval-shaped. I guess this makes it more authentic than a Coke bottle.

Erm, the beer?

Well, it tasted quite fruity and sweet, and I actually quite enjoyed it. It is definitely better than the brands listed as my alternatives for this evening, and at the bargain-basement price of £0.67 a bottle, I’m not going to complain. Especially as the bottle is a bit of a turn on…

…Now if only they could put Beck’s into bigger and sexier bottles…

Photo © JVL Photography.