Dipping Headlights

Audi R8
So I turned the ignition key in my car last week. The diesel engine started and all sounded good – life was grand and I proposed to go about my routine. It was twilight, but as the nights have been drawing in quickly, I chose to flick the headlights on at the start of my journey. I popped the ‘box into reverse, checked the mirror and…

What? Noise? Where? Ah, the Driver Information Display is informing that there is a problem with my right dipped headlight – I knew that because that is what it said. So I get out the car to take a quick look at the front. You know what? The damn thing is right. My right dipped headlight bulb has blown. I am so impressed with the car – I’ve never had such a luxury before.

So a short phone call and Audi fix it in super-quick time and without prior appointment. And whilst waiting, I managed to sit in the super tall, outrageously priced and ridiculously uneconomical Q7, and I pretended to drive an £80k RS8 – vroooooooooom. Much fun, if not embarrassing.

And now, whilst the error message has gone from my dashboard, the car is now telling me that 5 degrees Celsius might be a little cold and has shown me a snowflake symbol on my dash (it is so sweet). As if I didn’t know that 5 degrees Celsius was quite cold. Whatever next, the voice of Michael Fish giving me the forecast as I drive…?

…If it wishes me a Merry Christmas on December 25th, I’ll drive around the block naked!