Czy Jest Świeżo Pieczony?

I use the Bing Translator app on my Windows phone, which like most other apps, has a live tile function on the home screen. On one side of the tile, is a pretty picture depicting what, once turned, is the translation of a useful word or phrase. And every once in a while, when I look down to see the phrase or word of the day, it brings a wry smile to my face.

Freshly Baked 1
Freshly Baked 2

Staff of Greggs will get this one, just slightly amusing that it should come up on my phone.

Okay 1
Okay 2

Surely Okay/OK is one of those universal words… especially in it’s abbreviated form of OK. Well at least the app agrees with me on this!

Waves 1
Waves 2

This one reminded me of a holiday in Salerno where much time was spent in the sea with my then Polish girlfriend and her ciocia, forever twisting necks around to see if we were about to battered by an oncoming fale. I think it is fair to say it was the word of the holiday.

Have Fun 1
Have Fun 2

And please do not forget, the most important thing… Have fun!

Obviously, the app is set to translate to Polish for me, something which has actually become a bit of a help with some of the staff I have inherited at my new job. Maybe one day I will share some humorous anecdotes about the situations I have encountered thus far when trying to communicate with some of the guys at work. They never fail to make me smile at least once each day. Well, eventually, after we’ve been through several translator apps on a variety of different mobiles.

Featured image (on homepage) credit: Caleb Roenigk