Curing A Cold With A Chilli

The cold, the so called ‘common cold’. Some how in this age of know-it-all everything, answers at the swipe of a phone and medication to cure the most exotic of ailments, the simple rhinovirus still manages to floor us at every opportunity.

I awoke this morning to a scratchy throat. The first sign that all was not well, but also the last sign. For it is written that as soon as I am aware that I appear to have a cold, it is – by that time – too late to prevent the onset. As the day ventured forward, as did my sneezing and coughing. The heavy head, the aching joints. The sniffles and the drying lips. It all happens so fast these days. If only it disappeared as speedily as it arrived. Maybe a spicy chilli will help, clear the system and allow me to breathe.

As I climb into bed at the end of what was a difficult day, I am only too aware the next will be even harder.