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I’m sitting here looking into the abyss that is known as Expedia, trying to book a summer holiday for myself and the better half. As she is now a teacher (short days ‘n all that) we only get to go away together during the regular school holidays. Despite my attempts at getting her to bunk off, she ain’t having any of it. So an expensive August holiday is what we are looking at.

Anyway, there I am staring into Expedia, expecting it to do everything for me, and I suddenly realise that I have a holiday booked starting on the 7th February. Holiday ‘booked’ as in, time off from work. Half term for the missus starts about four days before my break ends, which is perfect, in case there was any doubt. I get some me-time, and I also get to give us some us-time. But not too much, just the right amount.

Anyway, there I am staring into Expedia, expecting it to do everything for me, and I suddenly realise that I could go away on my own in February. Prices would be cheap. I’ve never been away on my own before. I could read. I could enjoy the pleasures of my own company for a while. Stop sniggering. I could do the sorts of things that I like to do.

I decided that I would like to return to a hotel that I have been to before. That way I know how to get there, I know what to expect and I know what I can do in the area. There is just one thing stopping me.


I know how to get on a plane, and from that point onwards it really is down to the pilot. I know Naples airport quite well – been there a fair few times in the past. I know that buses go to Sorrento from the front of the airport, and worst case scenario I could get a bus into the city and catch the Circumversuviania along the coast. I know how to get to Sorrento from the hotel. And despite what the American reviews say, it really is only a 15 minute walk along a straight road. And I know that Sorrento is quite British. There are a lot of exPats there, and when we previously visited the area we had no problems with language etc…

…And the hotel is set in really nice grounds. The perfect place to read and lose one’s self. So why won’t I click that ‘Book’ button?

Ohh, just remembered the Tabachi over the road from the hotel sold this really nice sparkling red wine (yes, you heard me right, but it really is nice, trust me). Okay, I’m sold, I’m confident, time to click book…

Edit: Booked.

Edit2: Yes, the quality of wine is all it takes to convince me. Although Tuscan Chianti is far superior, Sorrento is okay at wine, and very good at that Limoncello stuff as well. Let me know if anyone wants any, by the way. It retails at about £5 for a litre, and it is good stuff. Hic…