Black Holes & Revelations

Oooh err! Muse have finally released their long-awaited fourth studio album, Black Holes & Revelations. The first single descended on the masses last week (which sounds something like the Scissor Sisters), and the album has received mixed reviews, particularly from fans.

BH&R isn’t quite what I expected either, but as per the usual with Muse, it will probably grow on me. The single – Supermassive Black Hole – is very summery and almost retro to the days of Showbiz, way back in the late ’90s. I was expecting somthing that took Absolution to next level of absurdness and insanity, but so far, this album fails to do that. Of course, it isn’t my album, so who am I to say!? What this music album does though, is emphasise that Muse are not trapped in an ever-decreasing circle, releasing the same old stuff time and time again, using an old-aged formula that so many other bands do – can anyone really tell one Spice Girls album from another?

BH&R will take a few listens before I can really appreciate it, but so far, it’s okay…

…Time to see them live again, me thinks.