BF1 Does P4O

Pink Ribbon
You know, I quite like the pink skin of BlogF1 at the moment. Sure, it is a little shabbily put together, but then so is the standard blue look! But the change of scenery is growing on me, and the fact that it may raise a little awareness in the process is pleasing.

BlogF1 v6 Pink

For those who are currently bemused, I have added a feminine touch to BlogF1 recently, all in aid of Breast Cancer Awareness month. The idea behind the cause started with cancer charities a while back, but it was Matthew Oliphant’s Pink for October campaign (started in 2006) that suggested website owners could also contribute by changing their sites for the month of October, adding in some pink and posting about the cause.

October will hopefully be a big month for BF1. We have the season finale, as well as the Chinese Grand Prix. And because I went pink a couple of days early, the Japanese event in a couple of hours will also be reported while pink. I also hope to post about women in motorsport, not just because they are the primary sufferers of breast cancer, but also because they are so few and far between in terms of racing drivers. A few pilots have also suffered from one form of cancer or another, many of whom ultimately lost their battle to the disease. And of course, several drivers race with pink helmets, and even in pink cars. They too will receive a mention at some point.

I’m still undecided as to what to call the mod of the site. Currently it is known as BF1 v5.0 – P4O, but I’m sure I come up with a more reflective name, and I should also praise the efforts of friends and readers of myself and BF1, Tom and Craig. Tom has changed his site already, and Craig suggested on Twitter he will attempt the same (no pressure 😉 ).

The aim of the campaign is not necessarily to raise money, but instead to raise awareness. I’m sure the charities would always appreciate kind donations, but P4O is about talking about cancer, learning about cancer, and spreading the knowledge. You don’t have to ‘go pink’, you don’t have to donate. But if you do one thing, go learn.

Dedicated to Mum and Gran.