Bed Linen Etiquette

How long does one go before changing the bed sheets?

It’s one of those things that varies between people, and no one answer is strictly true. Except for perhaps, “When they start to smell!”

Personally, I change mine once every couple of weeks, maybe once a week in the summer when I sweat more. But I find it odd that most people change their underwear each day, and then spend 16 hours or so in them. But after spending 8 hours in a bed for two nights, we don’t change our sheets. Or do we? Am I the really odd one here? Should I be feeling all self-conscious right now?

And how much of a pain is it to take them off, wash them, dry them and then put them back on the bed. Somebody really needs to invent a device that assists us unco-ordinated folk in getting a duvet into a duvet cover. I think the best way is to turn it inside out over me, find the corners, pinch the duvet and shake myself like a madman until the cover falls down over the duvet. This whole exercise usually leaves me feeling flustered and exhausted. And even then it isn’t perfect and needs adjusting. It is just so much hassle.

And why do people iron their sheets? I could never get my head around that. I mean, after you have gone through the whole charade of getting them off the bed, squeezing the lot into the washing machine, hanging them out to dry on a drying rack that really is too small, you then put yourself through the agony of ironing them! Then you lay on them for eight hours a night! Save yourself an hour, don’t bother with the ironing!

Although I have a suspicion that those who iron bed linen also iron tea towels, and socks, and curtains, and the dog blanket, and their eye-lashes, and…