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Where is Ollie right now? Or perhaps more realistically, what is Ollie up to at the moment? A general overview of workload, projects, backburners and forefronts, this is just a vague idea of what he’s up to, and therefore how long you might expect to wait for that email to be replied to.

  • August 2020: Will likely be reintegrating to office life.
  • July 2020: Working from home mostly, only popping to office once or twice per week. Enjoying Formula One at the weekends but weekdays mostly free.
  • June 2020: Still furloughed, still kinda in a lockdown. Still reading and tinkering.
  • May 2020: Still in lockdown.
  • April 2020: Got settled into new routine only to be sent home on 20th and furloughed. Still working on a work project though because I’m enjoying it. Time a’plenty though. Trying out a few things and reading lots while country/world is in lockdown.
  • March 2020: Late February was bizarre. Redundancy followed by a new job the very next day. Working Mon-Fri 9-5. Very strange for me, but once settled will have ample time for non-work projects.
  • February 2020: I’ve suddenly realised just how much work is needed to bring the archived into some sort of functional order at I was originally hoping to get it all sorted for the season-opener in Australia. Plus write a couple of things as well. It might take a bit longer… Adding to that, work has ramped up what with Valentines, Shrove and school holidays. Email can wait.
  • January 2020: BF1, BF1, BF1…
  • December 2019: Winding down as we near Christmas. One idea from last month is coming to fruition: (oh yes, dot-com). Usually in late-December, I tend to go AWOL, or as I prefer to call it, Gone Surfing.
  • November 2019: All is quiet on the western front, so they say. Plodding along nicely, have a couple of ideas brewing.
  • October 2019: A week off to enjoy the last of the sun in Cornwall. Will still be requiring a wetsuit though.
  • September 2019: Catching up from August. Has postponed week-off to early October. Postering the idea of a motorsports related website again. Email looking good.
  • August 2019: Always a busy time at work, likely on the road a lot. Usually takes a week off in mid-September and then back to steady workload status. Email… I wouldn’t bother unless it’s work-related critical.
  • July 2019: Registered a couple of new domains and have some ideas knocking about. Work building in preparation for summer. Email… get it in now because it will soon be too late and few responses for a month or so.