A Table For Twenty-Six

The Last Supper
So Jesus walks into a restaurant, his twelve apostles in tow. He hadn’t made a reservation because, well, it was a last minute thing. And he didn’t have a telephone to call ahead. He approaches the host who upon seeing the crowd making a beeline toward him asks…

Host: Good evening sir, how can I help?
Jesus: Good evening my good man, a table for 26?*

The host looks over Jesus’ shoulder to survey the throng of people, gently twitching his fingers as he counts.

Host: Forgive me sir, but there appears to be only 13 of you altogether.
Jesus: Yes, but we are only going to be sitting on one side of the table.

*They all spoke with impeccable English accents, trust me.

**Hey, if Jesus can be portrayed as white, he can also be portrayed as British.

***As told to me by Ola over dinner one evening recently.

****We weren’t being biblical, so used both sides of the table, just so you know.