A Disastrous Mess

Love Balloons
Pulse quickening, heart racing. Did this actually happen, did we actually talk about this?

The opening of the soul, the creation of vulnerability, it all just seemed to happen. But it was relaxed, natural. So effortless was the conversation, not once did either hesitate or question. Words flowed, intimacy learned. Never has sharing been so easily achieved.

When you see and give such honesty and openness, fun cannot help but be had. Smiles and laughter were shared, along with slow blinks and wide-open eyes. And when it was elevated, the corner turned wasn’t even noticed. So obvious was the matter, so obvious was the motion.

How arousing it is to experience life, in all the craziness of it, sometimes the simplest of things are ignored. The glances across the room, the delicate brush of passing bodies. But when you stop and stare into the eyes, offer a hand and pause with their’s, everything becomes clear, it all seems so natural.

It may have created a disaster, a mess one could say, but it thrilled, it exposed and it heightened. Her panties were the disaster, and I made the mess.