A Bigger Than Expected Erection

Normally, as I have discovered in recent years, the older you get, the smaller things become. Toblerone, car insurance and free time to name just three. But I have just tried to erect my old tent in my somewhat spacious living room, and well, I’m very proud to say it is bigger than I remember it. And it’s not very often I get to say that about an erection.

Needless to say I got it up – I always do in the end – and it just about fits. But blooming ‘eck, I really don’t remember it being as big as it apparently is. Do I really have to do this every day next week? And looking at the forecast for Northern Scotland, I’m not convinced the weather is going to be on my side.

Hmm, I have been looking at tents recently, in light of my decision to go wilding in Scotland, and they aren’t as expensive as I imagined they would be. But do I really want to be doing this five days prior to departure? I have some thinking to do…

Not my actual tent. My tent pre-dates the Internet, so no known images. And no, I’m not taking a photo of the debacle I’ve just committed in my living room.

For the record, the living room… third best room in the house for an erection.