Personal Site

Dating back to 2005 and evolving through a variety of domains and titles, Ollie’s personal site has changed quite a bit over the years.

A moderately interesting story behind the Prodrivel domain was that it was originally intended to be a site centred on a new Formula One team formed by the Prodrive company. At the last minute the company pulled out and the team never raced. So the domain was used instead to publish my drivel.

More screenshots of here.


Formed in 2006 when his personal site was becoming overwhelmed with Formula One related articles, BlogF1 went on to become a force on the independent F1-blog stage. Folded in 2010, the site and its thousands of articles is archived at


Started in 2008, AerialF1 was an offshoot from BlogF1. Still around – although not looked after – AerialF1 became an almost never-ending project for Ollie.

Random Old Stuff

I barely remember some of this, but apparently it is from my mind and by my hand.